The toy library

Merry Go Round Toy Library is a community volunteer non profit toy library located in Cambridge, UK. The Library runs as a stay and play session on the first and third Fridays of every month. Toy Library members can also borrow toys from one session to the next for children in their care to play with outside the sessions. In this way we hope to contribute to helping our environment through reducing our collective need to each buy lots of new toys. We also welcome donations of good quality toys which your children no longer want to play with.

Toy Library users

Toy library users are welcome to use toys at the session (at no cost). Toy library members can also borrow as many of our toys as they like at a small cost – from £0.50 to £2.00. Toys are checked for damage that could cause injury and removed from circulation where that is the case. When new toys are bought, these are given the same age range as given by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, Toy Library users are reminded that they use the toys at their own risk. Toy Library volunteers can take no responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of using our toys.


Become a member and join our mailing list

We want to make our service as accessible as possible to all families in Cambridge. Our lifetime family membership to be able to rent costs just £1 Rental prices range from just 50p to £2.00. Join the toy library here

Toy library users are encouraged to provide their views on new toys they would like to see on the shelves. Borrowing times are from one toy library session to the next. Soon, on these pages, will be a form that members can complete if they wish to renew their toys for a further session.

Browse our catalogue

Have a look through our catalogue and see if there is something that looks fun. We have toys for 0-5 year olds. We have toys for both indoor and outdoor play. Check the catalogue here.

Reserve a toy

There is no requirement for members to reserve toys at the current time. You can bring your children to the Stay and Play sessions and borrow toys at the session itself. Baby wipes will be provided for cleaning toys between use. Hand sanitizer will also always be available.

Cash System

Due to the small value of our transactions, the Toy Library cannot operate a cashless system. Members are reminded that they need to bring cash if they want to borrow toys. Members can pay a large sum in advance and borrow against that over the course of several sessions. This will help avoid the need to always bring cash.